Aims and Scope

The main aim of journal of Modeling in engineering, publish the up to date and new achievements of researchers in various fields of engineering. It is hoped that this journal can take an effective step in promoting science and knowledge and solving the technical and scientific problems of the region and the country.


This journal receives articles in the field of all engineering majors and is not limited to a specific trend of engineering majors. Of All interested researchers invite to send the results of their scientific research in the form of articles to this journal for evaluation. It is obvious that the members of the journal will do All their efforts to review the articles correctly and on time.


Journal of Modeling in Engineering only reviews articles in Persian language. Articles that are in the framework of the defined topics of the journal and follow the rules and conditions of the writing and structure of journal will be sent for evaluation. After receiving the sufficient referee results, the editorial board will announce the acceptance or rejection of the article or continue the review process. The article should not be publish in any of the native or foreign journals or under review.

The main topics of the Journal of Modeling in Engineering are as follows:

1- Presentation of mathematical methods in the field of systems modeling

     Analytical Methods
     Methods Based on Stochastic Algorithms
     Fuzzy Methods

2- Simulation and modeling methods and tools

     Continuous simulation
     Discrete and Combined Simulation
     Modeling based on stochastic programming methods
     Fuzzy Theory
     Modeling of nonlinear dynamic systems

3- Optimization

     linear optimization
     Mixed Integer Linear optimization
     Nonlinear optimization
     Mixed Integer Nonlinear optimization

4- Modeling complex systems

     Qualitative Modeling
     Analytical Simulation and Modeling
     Algorithms and Numerical Methods

5- Computational intelligence

     Artificial Neural Networks
     Fuzzy logic
     Evolutionary Programming

6- Applied methods

     Interoperability of Systems and Applications
     Case Studies and Best Practices
     Application of soft computing methods in engineering fields