Assessment security protection system the distribution network in presence of distributed generation using Petri net



Creation and installation of DG in distribution networks, a source of new challenges in maintaining and protecting the network that has attracted much attention in research and practice. In this regard, we need to all cases and incidents in the system are investigated and simulation. The purpose of the technical review and how to implement security settings, need to develop new tools and methods for the study of certain or probable sequence of conservation practices in the system. Sequence analysis of the distribution network protection ‌, ‌ will be promoting in the presence of distributed provided. This paper presents a new approach to model the performance of a distributed network security system using generalized stochastic Petri nets, to evaluate the protective systems of distribution network, the models are dealt with. The proposed method is a 32 bus IEEE distribution network with high penetration of DG to study the impact of DG on distribution network protection systems have been applied.


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