Robust Controller Design of Double Fed Induction Generator in the Presence of Uncertainties From the System Model and Measurement

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1 Department of electrical power engineering, faculty of electrical engineering, urmia university

2 Department of electrical power engineering faculty of electrical engineering urmia university


In this paper, a robust control method for a double fed induction generator(DFIG) is proposed in which noise measurement is also considered. DFIG controllers are divided into two groups of the rotor side converter and the grid side converter controllers. The main purpose of an RSC controller is to control active and reactive power of the stator. The parameters of the double fed induction generator may deviate from the nominal values due to the operating conditions. For this parametric uncertainty, a robust H∞ vector control is employed using the complex sensitivity approach. The design of the rotor side controller is done using a vector control strategy and instead of PI controllers, a designed robust controller is used. One of the steps of vector control is to measure the rotor currents and use them in control equations. If the measured currents contain noise, the system control is disrupted. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is suggested to use Kalman filter. The effectiveness of the proposed method has been investigated using simulations under different conditions and compared with classical vector control and direct power control. The simulation results show the efficient performance and robustness of the proposed controller with model and measurement uncertainties.


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