Simultaneous operation of electricity and natural gas systems through the P2P energy trading mechanism

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1 shahid Beheshti university, department of electrical engineering

2 دانشکده مهندسی برق گروه قدرت دانشگاه شهید بهشتی، تهران، ایران


P2P energy trading is a new technology for increasing the integration of DERs with the power system. This technology enables customers to locally trade energy with each other. The DERs can actively participate in the day ahead and real-time balancing markets. This paper proposes a new two-level framework for the integrated operation of the power and natural gas systems through P2P energy trading considering the demand response capability. In the first level, the optimal operation schedules of the customer are determined through the MINLP optimization problem considering the AC power flow and natural gas steady-state model. In the following (level two), the customers trade energy with each other through the P2P framework. In order to increase the customers' profits and simulate the human trader behaviors, we employed the ZIP trader assumption in the proposed framework. In order to evaluate the introduced framework, it is implemented on the standard IEEE 33 bus test system and 33-node modified gas network. The results of the numerical study revealed that the proposed method can dramatically reduce the total operation cost


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