Robust synchronization of a class neutral chaotic systems Despite, unknown time-delay and parameter

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1 Department of electrical, Gonabad Branch, Islamic Azad University,Gonabad, Iran

2 Department of Electrical Eng. IAU of Gonabad

3 Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Neyshabure Branch, Islamic Azad University, Neyshabure 6518115743, Iran


The synchronization of neutral chaotic systems with disturbance, uncertainty, unknown parameters, and unknown delays is studied in this article. Initially, the neutral chaotic system is introduced using the Lyapunov exponent and then the adaptive-robust controller is designed using the Lyapunov stability theory and the Lipschitz condition. The update laws for the estimation of disturbance and uncertainty bounds, as well as unknown parameters and delays, are determined such that the chaotic master and slave systems are synchronized in a robust manner. In addition, Lyapunov stability guarantees that the proposed controller will synchronize neutral chaotic systems in the presence of disturbance and uncertainty. In order to assess the proposed adaptive-robust controller, the synchronization of two parallel chaotic systems, jerk and Genesio–Tesi, with bounded nonlinear uncertainty, external disturbances, and unknown constant time delays is simulated. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed controller provides the best performance for robust synchronization of neutral chaotic systems.


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