Design, Modeling and Optimization of a High-speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with Retention Sleeve of Rotor using Taguchi Optimization Method

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Department of Electrical Engineering, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran


This paper presents a novel method based on the well-known Taguchi optimization method to design and optimize a high-speed permanent magnet synchronous machine (HS-PMSM). An HS-PMSG is analytically designed at the first step, and next, it has been optimized by the Taguchi optimization method and verified through FEM analysis. Results obtained from the electromagnetic and mechanical simulations of HS-PMSG show that in the optimized design: Owing to the reduction in the thicknesses of the retention sleeve (48.05%) and PM (16.66%), as a consequence, the total size and dimensions of the HS-PMSG are reduced. The weight of PM and the retention sleeve are reduced by about 16.31% and 29.28% responsively, and as a result, the total weight of HS-PMSG is reduced by approximately 1.94%. The Joule loss is reduced by about 9.80%. The HS-PMSG efficiency is improved by 0.02%, and finally, the cogging torque is reduced by 22.44%, compared with the initially designed machine.


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